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Powerflex Xcel™ Components

Modular System Components for Plug n' Play Configuration


The Powerflex Xcel modular electrical system provides secondary underfloor consolidation of utility and dedicated circuits called zones. Each floor plan utilizing Cablefloor and Powerflex Xcel is divided into zones that are serviced by Zone Distribution Boxes. Up to 12 circuits are hardwired by the electrical contractor from the circuit panel to each designated zone. The circuits are then distributed from each Zone Distribution Box via Circuit Cable Sets and Circuit Cable Splitters to service access locations with each zone:

Service Locations can be:

• Powerflex Service Modules

• Wall receptacles

• Prewired modular furniture systems

The Powerflex Xcel quick connect or “plug and play” method of electrical power distribution facilitates fast, efficient installation and even great efficiency for future moves, adds, and changes. Coupled with documentation of all underfloor system components provided by Cablematrix planning, it is a simple matter for users to identify required changes or additions within any zone, and complete them within a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional wiring and power distribution methods.

Powerflex Xcel Component Description and Application

All components of the Powerflex Xcel  Modular Electrical System are UL/CUL listed per UL183 – Manufactured Wiring Systems, UL5 – Multi-Outlet Assemblies, or UL514A – Metallic Outlet Boxes and are approved for environmental air handling spaces other than ducts or plenums.

Zone Starter Cables

  • Hardwired to building circuit panel to begin circuit distribution to Zone Distribution Boxes
  • Combined with Circuit Cable Sets and In-Line connectors to create Zone Distribution Cables of any length in 5 foot increments
  • Manufactured cabling components assembled with 5/8 In. AFO flexible oval conduit; a 6 or 8 – pin male connector on one end and a 6 or 8-wire pigtail on the opposite end
  • Contains six or eight wires and two, three, or four circuits
  • Available in 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft and 50ft lengths

Zone Distribution Box

  • Central component in a modular zone power distribution system
  • Fully quick connect utilizing both Zone Distribution Starter Cables, Circuit Cable Sets and In-Line Cable Connectors to receive power from building supply and Circuit Cable Sets to distribute to Service Modules or Conversion Modules
  • 4, 8 or 12 circuits are delivered to a Zone Distribution Box and routed within a designated floor plan zone with 4, 3 or 2 Circuit Cable Sets and Circuit Cable Splitters

Circuit Cable Sets

  • Combine with Zone Starter Cables and In-Line Connectors to deliver building circuits from circuit panel to Zone Distribution Boxes.
  • Distribute circuits from Zone Distribution Box to Modular Service Access Components
  • Pre-manufactured cabling components with 5/8 AFO flexible oval conduit and an 8-pin male connector on both ends
  • Contains six or eight wires and two, three, or four circuits
  • Available in 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft and 50ft lengths (50ft Cable Sets are for use in Modular Zone Distribution Cable Runs only)

Circuit Cable Splitter

  • Interconnects up to four Circuit Cable Sets
  • Used to add multiple service access locations to individual Circuit Cable runs originating at the Zone Distribution Box

In-Line Cable Connector

  • Used to interconnect Circuit Cable Sets and Zone Starter Cables to create continuous Zone Cable runs between 25ft and 50ft in length and over 50ft in length from building circuit panel to Zone Distribution Boxes.

System Conversion Module

  • Provides hardwire interface between Powerflex Xcel system and other 6 and 8 wire systems in modular furniture and walls or hardwired receptacles in walls constructed on top of Cablefloor

Service Modules

  • Provides protected in-floor service access for power, data, voice and video terminations
  • Utilizes universal faceplate system for mounting power outlets and network access devices
  • Specifically engineered for compatibility with the Cablefloor system
  • Prewired modules have internal 6 or 8-wire in and out connectors and programmable outlets designating access to either circuit number I, II, III or IV within the Powerflex Xcel System.

Powerflex Xcel Component Relationships

WIring Configurations

Powerflex Xcel™ Configuration A and B

The four-circuit, eight-wire electrical system is widely specified and used by hundreds of thousands of end-users in furniture-based harnesses. This proven system delivers four circuits for every power in-feed in either a 3+1 or 2+2 configuration. The isolated/ dedicated circuits are ideal for sensitive computing equipment while the common circuits are suitable for faxes, copiers, task lights, and other peripherals. Both the 3+1 and 2+2 systems use the same pre-wired components, making it easy to adjust as electrical needs change.

Four - Circuit, 3+1 Option

The 3+1 option is the electrical standard used for many years in numerous furniture sysytms. This wiring option provides three utility circuits plus an isolated/dedicated circuit for more sensitive equipment. Circuit 2 (one of the 3 common circuits sharing a neutral wire) cannot be used with a single-phase building electrical supply.

Four - Circuit, 2+2 Option

The 2+2 option is a wiring option that provides two utility circuits and two dedicated circuits for more extensive computer usage applications.

Powerflex Xcel™ Configuration C and D

Three - Circuit, 2+1 Option

The three-circuit configuration is a wiring option that provides separate neutrals for each of the three hot circtuits. Two circuits share a common ground, and one circuit is isolated/dedicated.

Two - Circuit, 1+1 Option

The two-circuit configuration is a 6 wire system option that provides two isolated circuits, each with separate neutrals and grounds. Each circuit is isolated. Either circuit can also be dedicated.

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